Interview with Killer Sisters!

Arts2Life UK hosted an interview with killer sisters MissKill following their recent participation in Off-Beat #6.

Here's what they had to say:

1: How long have you been singing/performing?

We have been performing in a band for a year now but I Alannah the lead singer-guitarist has been playing acoustic, writing songs and singing since the age of 8.


2: What drew you to get into Music?

What drew us to get into music was many things but our dad was one main part as he used to be in a band when he was younger and his music was really good and he brought us up on what we would call the best music from the 90s era grunge from bands like Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Hole and placebo and many more and that really got us into music and he also kept his guitars in the loft and brought them down for I Alannah to try when she was 8 and she really like it then he used to teach her simple chords and she would also make her own up and also they would right songs together then I would teach myself how to play it on the guitar and then play it myself. As for felicity the drummer who only started drumming when we started the band a year ago she kind of got forced to do it As I Alannah needed a drummer and I couldn’t find anyone more reliable and she just got into to quickly and loved it.


3: How did you choose your stage name?

Felicity our drummer chose our stage name. She was doing her other loved hobby which was ‘clay pigeon shooting’ at the name when we were thinking of band names and someone shouted ‘Miss Kill!’ That’s when it hit here. She said ‘oh my god that’d be a great band name! And that’s how we’ve came to be known as Miss Kill.


4: Who is/are your biggest influences?

Like I said our dad is one of our biggest influences but the bands Nirvana in the style of their music I think is very similar to ours and also guitars he uses our the same as ours also Pearl Jam within the songs and feelings in their songs we try to create the same effect in our own way and placebo as their amazing and also very individual, unique and different from any other band. Also Hole as we love the fact that they had amazing songs and that they were Girls playing grunge music and looking awesome.


5: What do you think of today's Music?

today’s music we think is terrible as we think it’s very fake and not original all using everyone uses auto tune all the same music and same songs and no emotion no originality it’s awful


6: Who is your favourite Artiste at the moment?

Mine (Alannah) is probably Pearl Jam as I think there songs are very catchy and also very creative and Eddie Vedders voice and lyrics take me to a place of my own. For felicity placebo because she likes there individuality and to he placebo seem to have an effect not just on my mind but on my soul. They create songs about their selves and experiences but wrote them in a way you can relate to and they give a choice in how you view their songs. They write songs to their fans that have such an enthusiasm in every album they create and even manage to Chuck in the slower song that you just can’t skip because they’re so spine-tingling. When I listen to their songs I sometimes feel in being pulled from outside of my body and into a new space where I feel free from everything and I feel so relaxed and happy.


*7: Are un-signed Artiste's supported enough in your opinion?

I think un-signed artists are supported well as there are lots of organisations such as you guys Arts2LifeUK who really help you but guess there can always be more support.


*8: What could be done to further help them?

To help unsigned artists more we would recommend putting more music on all social media.


9: What has been your best gig to date & why?

Our best gig to date and why would be our gig at The Thunderbolt Bristol supporting Hands Off Gretal and Skating Polly as it was almost sold out and the atmosphere was amazing the other bands especially Hands Off Gretal were so supporting and we also are a fan of both bands to so it was so nice to play and watch them to it was just such an amazing night.


10: Can you ever see yourself giving music up?

The answer is no as music is life and what we had are hearts on ever since starting.


11: What advice would you give to someone considering or just starting out in Music?

Advice we would give to someone just starting out in music would be to keep playing never stop and record videos spread your self across all social media and just get your self out there.


12: What does Music mean to you and why?

To me (Alannah) music means everything it means feelings, atmosphere, music really take me to my own world and in lyrics writing and listening to them you can express how you feel when writing them and also listening to them and what they mean and how they make you feel Is beautiful and music is very creative. To felicity music is the thing that’s gives her confidence and makes her strive for goals and life and helps her get better within life and music and how she’s growing within a person.


13: Do you have any music regrets?

We have no music regrets everything has been amazing.


14: What would you like to see change in the Music industry & why?

We would like to see change in the music industry hopefully the music in the charts could change hopefully some more original and different music will come back and or hopefully a rebirth of the 90s period will come back hopefully.


*15: FINALLY- what do you think of Arts2Life UK and what it is doing?

We think that Arts2LifeUK is a really good organisation helping unsigned artists really get out there putting on events for artists to play helping you get more experience and they treat you very well taking some great promotional photos for you also to put out there from Irex Photography Arts2LifeUK was such an amazing experience for us helping us get more out there and alas more artists.

Miss Kill (Alannah & Felicity Jackson)

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