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End of Year Showcase + Annual Update

Friday 6th December marks the end of Arts2Life UK events for 2019.

This year has been an eventful one, not only have we seen a plethora of new emerging Artiste's take part in Arts2Life UK events but we have also lost the venue we began working with and obtained another!

"This year has definitely been a rollercoaster of a year. When the announcement came that Hy-Brasil Music Club was closing its doors, we had to think quickly to ensure we could continue to provide emerging Artiste's with performance opportunities. I will forever be grateful to Filwood Community Centre for opening its doors to us." - Daniel Starr, Managing Director.

Not only has venues been a talking point, the Arts2Life UK Staff has also seen many changes.

"We have seen many names come and go this year. I appreciate all those who have given their time to Arts2Life UK. The current team is smaller than it was at the beginning of the year, however, it is also more efficient than it's ever been. All team members know their role and perform it to a very high standard.".


2020 promises to be a very exciting year for the company as it moves into uncharted territory. As announced by Directors Daniel Starr and Zoe Newton, Arts2Life UK will be working with a new Venue in January.

In addition, the company will also be looking to shift it's focus from live events to Artiste Development.

"It is no secret that here at Arts2Life UK we know how to plan, promote and organise live events. We have been doing it for years and this year has been a testimony to that fact. In September, our all day event consisting of 18 Acts was proof of this fact. It is only logical that we extend that ability to help Artiste's further and this can be achieved through Artiste Development. "

As 2019 draws to an end, there is no question that Arts2Life UK counties to do what it sets out to do and that is support emerging Artiste's "All the Way". 2020 shapes up to be an exciting year for the company with changes on the way.


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