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Calling all Artiste's

❗Arts2Life UK Super Showdown ❗ On Saturday 7th September, Arts2Life UK in association with Hy-Brasil Music Club is hosting what can only be described as Super Showdown involving performances by 1️⃣8️⃣ Acts. This one-off event is FREE ENTRY and takes place from 2pm - 11pm. "This is special and unlike anything we have done before" - Daniel Starr, Managing Director We have slots being booked up fast so to avoid disappointment, if you are an Artiste and would like to be included, contact us now! Our Events Team are ready and waiting for you: arts2lifeuk@gmail.com


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Return to venue-based events

Arts2Life UK will be resuming Venue-Based events with effect from October 2020! "We have been to visit HallPass Bar and are satisfied we can host events there safely. We will be issuing further detail


Throughout August 2020, Arts2Life UK will be undergoing a major overhaul. The decision was made earlier in 2020 to re-brand the organisation to better suit its operations. From logo to colour scheme,

Changes to Staffing

Arts2Life UK has this week bid farewell to 2 of its team members. Charlotte Rowley who has served as Social Media Manager and Holly Shelton- Newlove who has served as Website Manager both stepped down

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