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I am writing to you today to update you on what is going on behind the scenes at Arts2Life

UK as we are in our 10th week of Lockdown.

Firstly, I hope you, your family and loved ones are well. If Lockdown has taught us one thing

is the importance of caring for our fellowman. Not being to see those we love or being able

to see them but having to maintain a two-meter distance from them is hard. I speak from

personal experience as I have not been able to hug my 88-year-old grandmother since this

started and it is heart breaking.

Secondly, we are making some big changes here at Arts2Life UK. First, on the 19th June we

will host our first ever Online event. This is something we have never done before, however,

I am confident that it will be a success and it is something we will continue to do even when

we eventually go back to venue-based events. I would like to publicly thank Becky

Lawrence and Luke Philbrick for being the first Artists to participate in this event.

New Services:

In addition to Online events, we are working hard to adapt our business to do more for you.

Soon, we will unveil a range of Promotional Packages aimed directly at increasing

awareness of you as Artists. These packages are being created with you in mind. As an

organisation which for the vast majority of its exitance has operated on a Voluntary, zero

income basis, these changes are being done with meticulous planning to ensure that at their

heart is the betterment of Artists all over the UK. Not only will these packages offer you the

chance to gain enhanced promotion with us, but there will be a range of other services on

offer such as: Web Design, Graphic Design and Social Media Strategy. The Arts2Life UK

Management Team and I are committed to supporting you in every way possible and for me

personally, I cannot and will not forget the journey we have been on to lead us to this point. It

is in large part due to your continued support of all that we have done and for that, I thank


New Team:

Our team has also grown. We now have a team that is 16 strong.

Ranging from Social Media Assistants who help promote you to our

Website Manager who ensures that we deliver up to date

information about the services we offer to you, each one of our team is here for you, first and

foremost. I am thrilled to be leading such a dynamic team of individuals whose talents

combined make for one hell of a thing.

New Arts2Life UK:

As times change, it is important that we change with them. That is why from August this

year, you will see a lot of changes to the visual aspects of Arts2Life UK. We have been

working behind the scenes on a re-brand of the organisation to better reflect what we do.

Our current logo for example has been in existence since 2015 and was created back when

we had an alternative operating model. Now we focus on Music and nothing else, it is time to

shake things up.

Closing Statement:

On behalf of all the team at Arts2Life UK, I wish you all the best of health. Look after

yourselves and continue to do what you do best.

Things will get better and we will meet again.

Yours sincerely,

Daniel Starr, Managing Director

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