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Platform 1

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Melodic Folk
Performing 28th November

Platform 1 are a brother and sister duo, originally from West Wales but have been based in Bristol for the last 2 years. However, due to the pandemic, they are back in West Wales for a short while to record their latest EP.  Inspired by artists such as The Cranberries, Taylor Swift and Steve Earle, Platform 1 have spent time exploring different avenues of songwriting. Common themes in their earlier songs touch upon teenage relationships and angst. More recently, they have started to take inspiration from on going issues we face in our current climate, as well as writing about the struggles of growing up and the uncertainty you face when trying to be successful and balancing lots of different things in life. 

"Platform 1 produce music that is uniquely beautiful. Like a bright red tie in a room full of beige, their songs have a brilliant uniqueness. With chord structures from Josh containing a subtle chromaticism blended with Martha's faultless vocal they are one of a kind."

- Daniel James @ BGfm Radio

 "The music is broadly ‘contemporary folk’, but veers from what is restfully and attractively tuneful to sharp, more direct and broken tracks, with lyrical content moving from the personal (longing; indignation; deep self-reflection) to exploring the interface between the personal and the social, all tackled in a unique manner. "

- By Jon Airdrie.

Platform 1 are seasoned performers and have played in a variety of venues across Wales and the Bristol area as well as small festivals such as Brecon Fringe and Folk on the Lawn.