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"I started Arts2Life UK because I wanted to offer some help to those people who have a passion and raw talent within the Arts go unsupported. I am very proud of what we have achieved, what we are doing and what we have yet to achieve."

Daniel Starr

Chairman and CEO

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Denisa Cantor
Executive Assistant
Ann Dumbell
Events Director
David Treadwell
Creative Projects Manager
Sarah Hough
Senior Events Manager
Paige Dunlop
Events Manager
Anna Drozdova
Assistant to Senior Events Manager
Bibiana Krauskova
Fundraising Manager
Shahzadi Saira Awan
Website Manager
Seemal Zubair
Social Engagement Manager
Sophie Hartwell
Assistant Website Manager
Alejandro Angelica
Social Media Assistant and Graphic Designer
Andrea Bradley
Graphic Designer
Ben Avison
Graphic Designer
Freya Bashford
Graphic Designer
Michelle Chang
Graphic Designer
Leigh Nash
Graphic Designer
Madison Brooke
Photography Manager
Jacinta Childs
Daphna Stern
Aneta Kominiak
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Bristol, UK

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