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Lila J

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Performing 31st October

LILA J is Lisa Jenkinson and Gavin Jones. Friends for 20 years, dabbling in music but eventually taking music seriously 5 years ago, when they became more than friends.

Based in Gloucestershire but gigging all over, this pair are a welcome surprise to many stages. Their heady mixture of a beautifully smooth mezzo lead vocal, intricate acoustic weavings between the two bass-heavy acoustic guitars and a flair for extreme dynamics, you have yourself an unexpected treat. 

Show after show, they gather fans who come across them and have been a regular sight at many festivals, including Livestock, Live on the Wye, Godney Gathering & The Acoustic Festival of Great Britain.

Following in the footsteps of Jimi Hendrix & Led Zeppelin, they have graced the stage at The Troubadour, London. They have also supported The Damned at Gloucester Guildhall and took to the stage in Australia in 2019 at The Gasoilne Pony in Sydney. Recently played on the BBC, they are beginning to get noticed for their unusual and pleasing sounds.

They independently released their 3rd album “Journey” in August 2019, following the success of previous independent releases, “Treasure” EP 2018. “Duple” 2017. Ambulance 2016.

Likened to a modern Velvet Underground with some obvious Tom Waits influence, they have a unique, raw, 

uncompromising sound which is unexpected but strangely familiar.

Expect a big sound from this pair, with anthemic tunes, sing a long choruses and gypsy stomps with throbbing pulses, that will stay with you long after the show is over!