Lei.zy - 21 years old born, raised and based in Bristol

performing has been her passion since 2009 starting from singing to herself in her bedroom, talent show auditions, school performances, charity events, local small festivals, cabaret nights, college gigs to most recently winning a Songwriting award in the
UK’s biggest music competition Open Mic UK and officially releasing her first song with Symptomatic, Take Your Time on all streaming platforms.
Interested in experimentation with genres she likes to switch things up, with her singing she favours pop, alternate pop, rock, drum and bass, EDM but when it comes to guitar and drums she favours playing alternative rock, punk, grunge and whatever music she feels she connects with most. Her style is inspired by the likes of Daughter, Tracy Chapman, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Nirvana, Billie Eilish She has a unique vocal tone and powerful vocal ability with the gift to convey emotions beautifully throughout lyrics carrying songs with her voice.

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