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Our History

In the Summer of 2004, a young Daniel Starr some friends from High School started an Online website. The site had no real purpose other than to entertain others via its content. In 2006, Starr was left alone due to his friends leaving Bristol to study at University. From 2006 – 2008, Snake Pit Inc continued to evolve and was at one point a promoter of Original Content Writing from people all over the world. At the end of 2008, Starr noticed a trend that Children from a young age would develop an undying passion for the Arts. They would continue this passion through High School, College, and University. At the end of the education process, the support mechanisms simply stopped. Talented Artists had to get a “job” and their passion became a side-line.  Daniel wanted to try and change that. In 2009, Snake Pit Inc changed its focus to the Arts. At the time, its slogan was “Bringing Arts to Life”. In 2009, Arts2Life UK was born. Since 2009, Arts2Life UK has been providing support to the Arts via a range of activities both Online and in the real world.  

In November 2014, Arts2Life was Incorporated via Companies House. Still focusing on ALL the Arts, it was not until 2016 when Arts2Life UK hosted our first MUSIC event that our true calling became apparent. Our debut event took place in November 2016 at No.51 Stokes Croft. Since then, Arts2Life UK has hosted over 30 LIVE Music events containing over 100 Acts. In addition to Live Events, we have further supported Artists by promoting them Online. All the above has been provided since 2014 FREE OF CHARGE. This has allowed us to build a fantastic reputation and rapport with Artists from across the South West. Fast forward to the present day, we are seeking to do even more. 

"I truly believe that with the right people, the right vision and burning passion, we can achieve anything we want to.  Our future will be one whereby we can provide support to Artists from all over. By raising their profile and putting them in the spotlight and keeping them there. I am proud of our past and excited about our future."

- Daniel Starr, Managing Director/Founder

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Bristol, UK

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