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Charlie Limm

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Indie Folk
Performing 28th November

Charlie Limm, is a Musician, Actor and Composer, originally from Somerset. She brings haunting vocals, guitar and flute to the mix infused with classic 70's folk vibes.

"A high delicate voice with a talent for storytelling, Charlie charms everyone in the place."

- Downend Folk Club


Charlie currently lives in Bristol, after spending many years in London gigging with her duo Patchwork Skies and released her first solo EP 'Heart to Shore' last September. She spent the summer of 2019 playing at various festivals all over the country such as Bromsgrove Folk Festival, Bristol Harbour Festival, Tangled Roots, Keynsham Festival, Bath Music Expo, Armley Festival and The Pilton Stage and also venues in London such as Battersea Arts Centre, The Bedford, The Islington, The Troubadour and many more. Her track 'Through the Dark' was featured on BBC Music Introducing, her EP track 'Old Smoky' was on the BBC Bristol Upload Show and her EP Track ‘Made of Gold’ on BBC Gloucster. She also had the pleasure of supporting Midnight Skyracer at Downend Folk Club in September and The Magpies at the Bristol Folk House in February. 


"...a confidence and a knack for songwriting."

- Gavin Mcnamara


"..beautifully crafted and performed songs that tell a story; this is a great little EP of fresh songs."

-Brian Inglis, Jelli Records