Becky Lawrence

Just a small town girl with big dreams, who lived on a magical, mythical island...

A graduate from The London School Of Musical Theatre Becky enjoys getting her thought's across through music and lyrics. Being brought up listening to bands like AC/DC, Alice Cooper, The Carpenters, Genesis, Becky's vocal style can adapt to whatever is going on but her main love is country music and that is the genre she is striving to work towards.

Becky decided to trade the fresh country air of the Isle of Man where she called home, for the bright lights and hustle and bustle of London. Having being blessed with a successful career in theatre on the Isle of Man, being cast as lead roles in many productions such as 'Dorothy' in Taylorians production of The Wizard of Oz and 'Kim' in the European Amateur Premier of 'Miss Saigon' she knew it was time to spread her wings. Becky loved being in the 'musical theatre bubble' as musicals was all she had ever known from a young age, however, she was brought up surrounded by a huge array of music from her grandparents and her parents.

photo of Becky Lawrence singing

Not everyone can say they were head banging to AC\DC's 'She's Got The Jack' at the age of 3 right? In amongst the sea of incredible music she was exposed to, she found that country music really appealed to her the most. The voices, the story telling, everything about it made her heart sing! Since moving down to the South West of England, Becky found her own voice and started working on her own music with a platinum selling producer in Bristol and a fantastic sound engineer at Phoenix Studios, resulting in her first EP ' A Child's Tears'. As well as gigging with her own music, co-writing with Indie Folk singer/songwriter Amie K, Becky could also be found singing with Clyve & The Soul City Foundation in Bath. Since then, Becky has gone on to work with another singer/songwriter and released her second EP ‘What It Takes’.


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