19th February 2021

(Event name pending)

Becky Lawrence

Just a small town girl with big dreams, who lived on a magical, mythical island...

A graduate from The London School Of Musical Theatre Becky enjoys getting her thought's across through music and lyrics. Being brought up listening to bands like AC/DC, Alice Cooper ...

photo of Charlie Limm

Charlie Limm

Charlie Limm, is a Musician, Actor and Composer, originally from Somerset. She brings haunting vocals, guitar and flute to the mix infused with classic 70's folk vibes. "A high delicate voice with a talent for storytelling, Charlie charms everyone in the place." (Downend Folk Club) ...

Tina Hart

It’s hardly surprising how, after such hard work to get her talents recognised, that Tina has stepped into a natural limelight. Her initiation into Djing consisted of playing out at illegal raves in Brighton in 1999. She would be one of the only women turning up with her records  ...

Act 2

Formed in 2019, Act 2 are fresh out onto the Scottish music scene with a
unique sound that could be described as a blend between Post-Punk, Indie Rock and Jangle-Pop. Drummer, Sean providing you with the indie rock sensibility which is met by Lily Grace’s ...

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